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Uncertain about the prospect of using Gamification? With our extensive knowledge and passion for playful experiences, we can help you learn to use games and gamification as a vehicle for:

  • build meaningful and engaging experiences.
  • increase your customer acquisition and retention.
  • Increase your brands reach and build loyalty.

Our playdesigners take your experience to the next level. We will clearly explain why and how to best incorporate gaming mechanisms into your products, services and content. We can also help you design the interface, develop the monetization strategy and incorporate bespoke and off-the-shelf gamification technologies to help you get going in no time.

With over 25 years experience in game design and social psychology, we offer the most effective consultation solutions for your business.

Brands already Gamifying

These are some of our recent Gamified clients. It’s not just game developers who distribute games now, it’s everyone. Don’t get left behind – start taking advantage of this new evolution in business and marketing.

I’m a Brand

If you’re concerned that the methods of email, marketing, search, display advertising and other tools for obtaining customers within the social media sphere may be losing their appeal, Gamification can provide a new approach that will change how your business operates and interacts with clients.

I’m an Agency

Calling all agencies! Gamification is destined to increase the appeal of the brand you represent. If you want to introduce an innovative product with the potential to reach a vast audience, our PlayDesigners are here to help you grab hold of gamification and apply it in your campaign, product or service.

Our Playful Solutions For Your…


Are you getting the most out of your site or community?

Engaging your fans with AddingPlay enables you to extract the maximum value and reach from your user base. AddingPlay drives users to explore, participate and achieve on your site. Incorporating gaming mechanisms increases retention rates and turns your site into a social community with competition and ongoing activity, and turns your visitors into customers.

  • Get the best from your site and its community.
  • Integrate social media to increase acquisition rates.
  • Turn your site’s visitors into customers.


Increase your brand reach using playful solutions

Getting your audience involved with your brand builds longer-lasting relationships, creating fans and loyal customers. AddingPlay encourages users to engage with your brand, which conveys a sense of ownership. Our social gaming mechanisms can be easily integrated into your site, and we also create applications for use on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We use social gaming to drive your marketing campaign and brand awareness out to the masses, increasing your brand audience and driving your business forward.

  • Build longer lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Create brand loyalty within your customer community.
  • Use social media and gaming to increase your brand awareness.


Create an engaging experience that drives your business forward.

Can your service become an experience instead of a task? It can through AddingPlay, where elements of Gamification transform customer or employee behaviour into positive engagement. We create playful social environments in which people can interact and compete with each other. Applying these mechanisms to training and other general tasks can make these activities more fulfilling and allow for a more enjoyable workplace environment. Rewarding job performance is key to unlocking your employees’ true potential and meeting the fundamental human need for self-fulfillment.

  • Get the best from your business.
  • Integrate social media to transform customer behaviour into positive engagement.
  • Create a more fulfilling envrionment and discover your employees’ potential.

Discover a whole new world of business and marketing opportunities using gamification and addingplay.

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