Make Games By Playing One.

AddingPlay brings you the most engaging way to generate playful ideas and help gamify your brand or product.

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Create meaningful experiences that result in loyal customers. Promote your brand’s message using playful mechanisms. Engage customers using social elements to help drive sales. Devise unique ways to interact with your users. Use game mechanics to improve your service operations. Increase motivation and participation in a work environment. Convert visitors into customers by gamifying your site. Build a community of valuable and loyal users.

Play to Create

If you want to better understand how gamification can be integrated into your website or project, this simple toolkit is the best investment you can make.

Become a game designer

  • Think like a gamification master.
  • Transform your ideas into amazingly playful experiences.
  • Stretch your imagination through the power of play.

Improve Your Business

  • Gamify your service or product in record time.
  • Generate more meaningful ideas, faster.
  • Engage colleagues and clients in the gamification process, and have fun while creating.

Make Someone Happy

  • AddingPlay is a great introduction to game design and makes the perfect gift for any budding game designer or user experience creator.

Over 1,000 Companies

AddingPlay is helping designers, entreprenurs and techies to engage companies and brands with Gamification and Game Design, much easier.

Gabe Zichermann
Gamification Summit

Anyone who wants to gamify should have a set of these cards. I’ve used them at the gamification summit and would use them in every workshop I run.

Michael O’Connor
Digital Manager, L’Oréal

This is most definitely the easiest way of introducing gamification to any brand or process. Pure genius.

Malin Andersson
UX Design Manager, Samsung Europe

We all really enjoy using the cards for brainstorming and coming up with original ideas for gamifying our services.

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Meet the Inventors.

Created from a combination with over 30 years experience in game design and the games industry
James Allsopp
Kam Star

“if Gamification works, can we Gamify Gamification?”